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Scott Neeson, Executive Director

who-scottScott led an accomplished career in the international film business prior to founding CCF. As President of 20th Century Fox International, Scott oversaw the release and marketing of several of the top films of all time – including 'Braveheart,' 'Titanic,' 'Star Wars' and 'X-men' – and managed gross revenues in excess of $1.5 billion dollars. In 2003, Neeson left Fox to head Sony Pictures International marketing operations. in 2004 Neeson resigned from his 26-year film career and began the process of his relocation to Cambodia, selling his home, car, boat and other assets. All initial costs for the establishment and operation of the first CCF facility were covered by Neeson, who now acts as the organization's full-time Executive Director. In 2007, Scott was awarded the inaugural Harvard School of Public Health “Q Prize” in recognition of his extraordinary leadership in advocacy for children.

Sok Channoeurn, Country Manager

who-nouernNoeurn has been working for the Cambodian Children's Fund (CCF) since its inception in May 2004. Starting as CCF's manager in the first Phnom Penh facility, Noeurn has worked closely with Scott in managing CCF before becoming Senior Administrative Manager. In February 2009, Noeurn was promoted to Country Manager and now oversees all aspects of CCF's in-country operations.

"I met Scott in May 2004 and we discussed ways we could effectively help the most impoverished children in Cambodia. The prospect of such a job was very exciting. I had always dreamed of being in a position to help the poor, especially the children of Cambodia. I still remember Scott telling me that he wanted to build an organization for 45 children. Today, we have nearly 2,000 children, every one of who receive the same quality of care from CCF. Our education program is focused on quality and we are constantly reviewing new teaching methods, best practices, teacher training and international curriculums. We now provide for the essential needs of the poorest communities, with over 1,500 families receiving free health care, fresh water, maternal care, accommodation and subsidized rice. CCF adapts and adjusts to community needs and I am very proud of what we have built, especially CCF's management team - they are the most loyal and talented group. Scott brings so much to our people and our country," says Noeurn.

Noeurn was born in Phnom Penh and finished High School when she was 16. She started her career as an English teacher when she was just 16 years old and has worked in the education sector and other institutes of learning for nearly ten years. She earned a Bachelor Degree in Law in 2003 and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Development Management. She acts as CCF's representative to many institutions in Cambodia, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Her ultimate goal for CCF is to ensure every Cambodian child has an education, their basic needs met and a future of hope and opportunity.

Morm Sopheak, Head of Finance

who-davanMr. Morm Sopheak has over 20 years of experience in finance management and 18 of these years with Concern Worldwide, a reputed INGO working in Cambodia. He worked with Concern as Country Finance Controller from 2005 to 2013 in this position for the past 8 years. His responsibilities include: Staff Management, Taxation, Grants monitoring, Grants issues, relationship with relevant Donors, Head office, Donor report, head office report, reviewing the reliability, integrity and completeness of all financial information at all levels of operation both within Concern and its grants to LNGO partners on a regular basis.

In addition to his responsibilities with Cambodia programme, the financial responsibilities related to the closure of the Concern Laos programme. He supported Concern Laos in the area of finance management, relationship with External Audit and donor relation for 1.5 years.

He is also responsible to assess and determine whether the agreed policies and procedures of Concern are followed by stakeholders at all levels and recommend necessary steps for improvement in partners’ operations.

Sopheak has a Master’s degree in Business Administration with major in Financial Management, from the University of Phnom Penh and Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting as my major and studied in the Norton University in Phnom Penh. Sopheak also completed National Institute of Pedagogy in 1992 of Professorial training in Mathematics option, teaching skills in mathematics for High School Level.

Taing Sotheara, Operations Manager

who-sothearaSotheara joined the Cambodian Children's Fund (CCF) in July 2014 as the Operations Manager. His role is to lead and manage head office operations, identifying and implementing structures, systems and procedures to enable an integrated and coordinated approach to engaging CCF business units in achieving our strategic objectives.

Before joining the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), Sotheara worked for six months with Marie Stopes (MSI Cambodia). At Maries Stopes, he lead the operations team to achieve the organization’s goals.

He started his new career with Nestle Dairy Cambodia as the Human Resource Officer and Demand and Supply Planner for about three years. In 2002, he moved to Population Services International (PSI, Cambodia) as a Director of Procurement/Logistics/Admin and IT. He play an important role as a member of System Working Group (SWG) to lead a strategic organization-wide process of reviewing and developing all the systems and procedures required to make internal functioning stronger and stronger.

Trina Capps, Organizational Development Manager

who-cappsAs CCF’s Organizational Development Manager, Trina works with the Senior Management Team to improve organizational effectiveness through alignment of CCF strategy, people and processes. Her role is a key driver in establishing “one CCF” and growing the capacity and capability of our people.

Trina graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, Management and Human Resource Management. Following university, she moved to the United Kingdom and worked in marketing, events management and public relations. Trina started her HR career following her return to Australia in 2000.

Trina has over 15 years experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development in Australia with the last 9 years in senior leadership roles that drove strategic HR reform and improved organizational performance. She is extremely passionate about people and making a difference.

An avid traveler, Trina first visited Cambodia in 2008 and says she “instantly fell in love with the Kingdom and Khmer people.” Similar to Scott, a visit to the Steung Meanchey rubbish dumpsite was an experience that changed her perspective and the course of her life forever. For the next 6 years she undertook various volunteering and fundraising activities before giving up her corporate life and moving to Phnom Penh in August 2014.

Tracy France, Head of Education

who-franceTracy is originally from the northwest of the United Kingdom and began her teaching career there 22 years ago. Tracy started her career as a primary school teacher and has worked in various capacities in school leadership, curriculum coordination and latterly as a school Principal. She has lived and worked in Cambodia for 7 years. Previous to working in Cambodia Tracy worked in schools in the UK, Mexico, Colombia and Russia. Tracy has a MA in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Bath, a BA (Hons) from Kingston University, and a PGCE from the University of Leicester.

Working at the Cambodian Children’s Fund is a dream come true for Tracy. “CCF views access to a quality education as the solution to lift our families out of poverty. It is a most inspiring and noble vision, one that I am immensely proud to be a part of and help contribute to in terms of professional development for our teachers and an ongoing commitment to developing quality curriculum.”

Ryan Witcombe, Marketing and Communications Manager

who-davanRyan joined the Cambodian Children's Fund team in July 2012. He and his team are responsible for connecting Cambodian Children's Fund with the world, whether it be through websites, photos, videos, blogs, social media, email campaigns, information packs or t-shirts.

Growing up in a country town in regional Australia, Ryan always knew he wanted to live and work overseas, the first step of which saw him move to Melbourne, where he received a bachelor's degree in International Relations and a graduate diploma in Journalism.

In late 2011, Ryan left his job as a Journalist and Online Editor for a web-based news service, and spent 6 months travelling around south-east asia before deciding that Cambodia was the place for him. Ryan was amazed by the incredible work being by Scott and the team at CCF, and realised that his skills could be put to use.

He has spent time volunteering in working in Nepal and Ghana, and has travelled the world extensively in search of great food and even better company. He loves design, is passionate about Liverpool and the Hawthorn Football Club, and is one of the people behind the popular travel blog www.ashaandryan.com

Kram Sokchannin, Education Manager

who-chaninChannin is the Head of General Education. She has been working at CCF since 2004, with her first role as an English teacher. In 2006, she was promoted to be Head of General Education and she now oversees both the CCF Education Program and the integration of CCF students into the public school system.

Her responsibilities include preparing class curriculums, training the CCF teachers, researching new teaching methods, evaluating teacher performance and monitoring the educational advancement of CCF students. She is always striving to ensure CCF's teaching methods and resources are the best they can be.

Besides working as Head of General Education, Channin also helps with general management. In July 2009, she led a team of five CCF girls at the Global Youth Leadership Summit, held within the University of California San Diego, along with 250 children from all over the world.

Channin feels very proud to be a part of CCF and be able to work and help the most impoverished Cambodian children. "After 5 years working in CCF, I see so much improvement in our children. Most of our senior children are now in High School, and soon they will be able to go to University. Indeed, one of our students is taking his first steps into University. It makes me very happy to see their confidence and

personal skills grow. I hope that all Cambodian children can have access to schooling and the chance to be their best", says Channin.

James (Jim) Weyers, Head of Sponsorship

who-davanI first arrived at CCF in early 2011. I was enjoying a year out travelling having obtained my Law Degree and Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Dundee in Scotland. What initially started as a visit to a CCF facility, soon led to a meeting with Channoeurn and Sokchannin, and before I knew it I had a full timetable teaching physical education and conversational English across 5 CCF facilities! It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with CCF. I was captured by the determination of the children, the warmth and dedication of the staff and the all-encompassing vision of the charity. I cancelled the rest of my travel plans and stayed in Phnom Penh for a further 6 months before returning to Scotland to commence a legal traineeship with a commercial law firm.

I kept in touch with CCF through sponsorship and contact with staff and with my two year traineeship coming to an end I tentatively asked about the possibility of returning. The timing was excellent as CCF had continued to grow and grow in my time away, and Scott, as always, had plans to expand operations further. With a life dictated by chargeable hours staring me in the face (not to mention the Scottish weather) I was delighted at the opportunity to rejoin the CCF family!

My new position sees me supervise all of CCF’s sponsorship programs, with a brief to increase the breadth of CCF's sponsorship opportunities. Since I’ve returned it has made me extremely proud to see the first CCF students begin University and, especially, to see older children teaching, providing childcare and becoming leaders in the community: that is what CCF is all about and I could not be happier to be a part of it.

Asha Griffith, Volunteer Manager

who-davanAsha joined CCF in June 2012 as the Executive Assistant to Founder and Director Scott Neeson. Since then, her role has evolved and now focusses on developing key projects and managing CCF's Volunteering Department as Volunteer Manager.

Graduating from Melbourne's Monash University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Media and Communications, Asha first worked at creative agency "Don't Panic" before moving on to work in Communications, Client Relations and Marketing and Communications at a range of innovative community-based organizations,

Asha was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, and also lived briefly in Malaysia when she was young (although she can't remember anything apart from being hot and cranky). Since then, she has travelled extensively and lived in Melbourne and Ireland. Despite loving Australia, she couldn't resist the chaotic charm of SE Asia and now lives permanently in Cambodia and works at our Phnom Penh offices.

Ly Sophea, Head of Facility

who-sopheaSophea, a Head of Facility who is in charge of the key sectors in facility programs, oversees the program and administration of CCF’s residential and non-residential facilities. She provides guidance to facility managers and facility unit heads to improve their workflow and inter-relation between facilities and facilities, facilities and other CCF departments.

Sophea was born in Phnom Penh. She graduated from Paññasastra University of Cambodia in the field of dinance and banking. She also worked in a private English school as an English teacher before coming to CCF. In her childhood, she dreamed that she would be a school director that could provide the best quality education to poor Cambodians. She joined CCF in 2004 as an English teacher, then assistant manager and administrator. In 2006, she was promoted to become a facility manager in CCF2, where she oversaw more than 100 girls by ensuring them to get best quality education, childcare, healthcare and support their families on time.

After working at CCF for more than 10 years, Sophea is very proud to see CCF’s vulnerable children, who she sees as brothers and sisters, grow up to be beautiful on the inside and outside. Many children are now studying in universities, some of them are interns and a few are planning to study in abroad. CCF is another family of caring children and colleagues who understand and support each other. She said, “I love to make more powerful young leaders in CCF as they are the voice and inspiration for family, community and country.”

Ouk Sochenda, CCF1 Manager

who-sochendaI began in my role as Facility Manager at CCF1 in August 2014. This is my second time I joined CCF after I left at the beginning of 2013. I was born and raised in Phnom Penh, where I have studied many courses relating to the field of business and management. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in general management.

Before working with CCF, I had worked in a variety of roles in different sectors of the community. Most of my professional career has been with NGOs. In my last role before I joined CCF, I worked as a program manager for an organization dedicated to helping Cambodian people suffering from HIV/AIDS, those living in poverty and vulnerable and orphaned children.

At CCF1, I work for four main programs: Education, Childcare, Heath Care and Community Outreach. My staff and I have dedicated to caring for and providing education to the children. In addition to CCF comprehensive education and public school integration, CCF1 staff focus on University students too. Moreover, CCF provides support to the children’s families and community in term of improving their living standards and healthcare. I believe that all Cambodian children should have the right to an education and a bright future, and I can see that CCF can help to make a real difference for future generation.

Chum Vichheka, CCF2 Manager

who-vichhekaI started my work in CCF in November 2014. I always dreamed work at CCF as I really appreciated the great work that CCF has done for Cambodia’s poor children and their families.

I graduated from the University of Humanity and Social Science with a major in Khmer literature. I got a bachelor degree+1 in Khmer literature-English language from the National Institute of Pedagogy. Presently, I am continuing my master study in Education Administration and Leadership in Pannasastra University. As a student, I had experience of going to Japan a few times as a Cambodian teenage ambassador.

My first job was a high school teacher from 2007-2010, during that time I had got the opportunity to do a study tour in Norway in 2009. After coming back I have started to work in the NGO field. In 2010, I was working in PSE NGO as the students accommodation program manager. I always love to do charity and humanitarian work especially working for those who need help or are living in a difficult life. As one of CCF’s facilities managers, I am working with 129 girls who come from domestic violence, abusive backgrounds and vulnerable situations. I am managing six different programs with more than 40 staff in the facility. We are all have the same vision of helping these children to reach their best goals and to leave from uneducated situation and poverty. We love them as part of our family.

I am proud of being one of CCF's staff and impressed with Scott Neeson, who is a great humanitarian model for us.

Voeun Sivleng, CCF6 Manager

who-maySivleng was born in Battambang province. She graduated bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2007. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in Science in Nutrition at the National Institute of Public Health of Cambodia.

She has joined CCF since November 2012 in a position of Facility Manager. She has about 8 years working experience and her previous jobs before CCF were in the areas of community development, gender, peace building, child protection and nutrition.

“As a Facility Manager, I hope I can be a part of CCF to open up the future of children who are at high risk living around Steung Meanchey area by providing them with a safe living place, balanced healthy food, comprehensive education, physical and mental care,” said Sivleng.

Moreover, she wishes to improve the living condition of the poor community people who are living in the same area through offering them family support plus ideas of creating own business so that they can start their small business and improve it gradually.

To achieve these, she strongly commits to provide a comfortable working environment to her staff and colleagues and support them to produce quality work.

Ngoy Hen, CCF Community Center Manager

who-ngoyhenHen started his work in CCF in July 23, 2012 as the Facility Manager for CCFCC, the Community Center which provide Child Care, Healthcare, Education, and Social Services for community families and encourage poor vulnerable children to build up self-confidence, improve their images and their goal in future life through education.

Born in Takeo Province and finished high School in 1995, Hen spent 5 years in University of Law and Economic and obtained the Bachelor degree majoringin Enterprise Management in 2001. He also spent another two years studying Master degree (MBA) in field Management in November 2011. He has join short-courses such as Performance Appraisal, Management, Self confident, Motivation, and Time Management, etc. Henhad wide ranges of working experiences starting from a translator, 3 years experiences as a teacher of English, trainer,Credit Researcher, senior co-worker Educator, and 8 years experiences working as Supporting Program Manager. Most of assignments focus on Project Management, overall Management and community Development.

Hen’s goal for CCFCC is to ensure good working system, transparency and accountability. Especially the most impoverished Cambodia children get enough nutrition, shelter, health care, education and have good careers in their future’s life.

Thim Sokha, Childcare Manager

who-thimsokhaFinished high school in 1996, Sokha obtained Bachelor Degree in English Literature in 2006. She has joined in-country and oversea training courses such as Organized Meeting Planner and Budget Management for Preparing the Meeting/ Conference in Washington DC, USA, Technology Conference and Effective E-mail Management for Busy Office in Georgia, USA, as well as HR Management and several national and international workshops/meetings.

Sokha had wide range of working experiences with 2 years experience with United Nation World Food Program (UNWFP) and 8 years experiences with Ministry of Health.

Because of heartfelt loving children, Sokha committed herself to learn how to educate children in western ways through her international trips to meet with experienced daycare managers to gain all necessary advices and comments. In April 2008, Sokha opened the first daycare in Phnom Penh named Happy Kidcare (HKC) which provided a quality and safe center for children, and all of them were taken care of with love and caring in a way that only a mom can.

In July 2011, Sokha joined Cambodian Children’s Fund with the position as CM’s Office Manager working with all relevant executive management team and staff to help free Cambodian children from illiterateness and to eradicate the impoverish in Cambodia through education, healthcare and welfare. In early 2012, Sokha was promoted to be a Childcare Manager due to the outstanding work performance and related childcare experiences.

Sokha would like to say thank you to Scott and Noeurn for the opportunity to work for CCF as well as succeed with her dream which she always wishes to help Cambodian children to live with education, healthcare and welfare. She is determined to provide all children in CCF with education, love, smile which enable them to have bright future.

Hoy Leanghoin, CCF Community Outreach Manager

who-sokhomHoin was born in Kompong Thom province and moved to live in Phnom Penh in 1999 when he finished high school. He graduated a bachelor’s degree in Khmer literature in 2003 from Royal University of Phnom Penh. In 2004, he finished pedagogy training from National Education Institute with a higher education diploma. In 2010, he finished a master’s degree in social work from St. Elizabeth University in Slovakia, Europe.

For almost a decade, Hoin has spent his time serving as a social worker working with vulnerable, impoverished children and their families by providing them with education, skills training, and counseling. In addition, he helped these people to generate income and to develop family plan for their future so that they improve their living condition. Besides social work, he used to work as a lecturer teaching social work at National Institute of Social Affaire.

Hoin joined CCF as a Community Outreach Manager since November 2012. In this position, he believes that he can contribute to helping poor community children and their families through offering a variety of family assistance to meet their needs. Hoin says, “A small help can get someone a big hope! We can’t serve all but it’s better than nothing!”

Nhem Rithy, Child Protection Manager

who-sokhomI have been working with the Cambodian Children Fund (CCF) in early 2013 as a Child Protection Manager.

I was born in Takeo province; I finished high school in 2004 and received a bachelor degree in English literature in 2008 from the Institute For Business Education. Now I am studying for a master's degree in Development Management at Norton University.

I had worked with local and international community people, children, family, NGO and provide child protection training, Community Outreach, conduct monitoring and refresh on child protection training to staff members and others involved program. I used to work as Senior Child Protection officer with Friends-international Organization before I moved to work with CCF.

As the Child Protection Manager at CCF, I believe that I can contribute myself to protection children and ensure that staff members and children receive child protection policy and training and help them to implement system of child protection policy.

Keo Sidanin, Internal Auditor

who-sokhomSidanin, who was born in Phnom Penh, holds a bachelor’s degree of finance and banking in 2008 and master’s degree of finance management in 2013 at National University of Management. She was appointed as an Internal Auditor for CCF on June 2013.

Before joining with CCF, Sidanin has nearly four years experience in internal auditing with being a head of internal audit department for three years by independence work for an NGO, CICM-Cambodia (Credit Mutuel Kampuchea-CMK, a Financial Service Institution). At the NGO, before being promoted to internal audit staff, she was a branch officer who managed othe Boeung Keng Kang Branch. In 2002, when she finished high school, she started a first job for a company as a customer service operator, and then in 2005 worked for PCCS Cambodia Garment Co., LTD as a purchaser.

Sidanin is committed to contributing to CCF in monitoring, assessing, and analyzing organizational risk and controls, reviewing and confirming information of internal policies, procedures, Process and legal requirement whether operate and comply efficiently and effectively.

Sidanin hopes to see poorest children receive the special care through nutrition, shelter, health care, education and everything else needed to build them up to have a good future.

Kang Chamroeun, Sponsor Communications Manager

who-chamroeunChamroeun is in charge of operations and information in CCF's busy Sponsorship Department. Prior to joining CCF, he spent 2 years working on community projects teaching self-reliance and the benefits that come from collective, collaborative working. He began his CCF career in 2006, initially as a mail translator and then as Sponsor Relations Coordinator. In the latter role he played a key part in building, maintaining, developing and using to good effect the information which is essential to CCF's vibrant and successful sponsorship program.

In his current position, Chamroeun is the 'data' of the Sponsorship Department. Highly knowledgeable about CCF's many sponsors and the children, information accuracy and flow are his primary concern. Keeping track of the sponsorship activity in all its forms, from the availability of children for sponsorship to the inflow and outflow of email from the different facilities, the maintenance of accuracy and the timely passage of essential information to whoever needs it all demand a consistent attention to detail and an eye for the bigger picture. Chamroeun also ensures that other essential operational activities, such as the scripting, production and provision of the DVDs about each sponsored child that are a unique feature of the CCF program, are conducted in the same effective and efficient manner.

With wide ranging interests which include the history of the ancient empires and a current concern for environmental issues within and beyond Cambodia, Chamroeun has used his spare time as a volunteer English teacher and translator at LDSC and will soon commit even more of it to study for a Degree in International Relations and Communication.

Happy to be highly involved in CCF's work, Chamroeun is pleased to be part of something unique that is helping to rescue the damaged lives of so many Cambodian children and their families and is especially glad that he can play a part in helping their tomorrows be better than their yesterdays.

Chhem Saron, Sponsor Engagement Manager

who-saronSaron is CCF's Sponsor Relations Officer. She took on this post in early 2009. She came to the position from a sound background within CCF, having worked in CCF as an English teacher for one year and then as a translator at CCF2 for the next 2 years. Currently responsible for making all the arrangements necessary to set up a good sponsorship relationship as well as overseeing the activity and effectiveness of the team of translators who maintain and nourish the flow of communications between CCF's children and their sponsors in each of CCF's 5 sites, Saron is always busy. The organization of sponsor visits is another of her responsibilities and her constant anxiety is that, all visitors to CCF and the children who are the focus of these visits, enjoy these occasions as much as humanly possible. None of this work can be done in isolation and Saron is in constant touch, not only with CCF departments in Phnom Penh, but with CCF's Los Angeles Office to ensure that information flow about sponsor activity and sponsorships is as swift, accurate and detailed as it needs to be. Prior to her work with CCF Saron worked with a Microfinance organization and as an English & Khmer Kindergarten Teacher.

During her time with CCF, Saron's greatest pleasure and success has been in helping establish good and lasting sponsorships and she loves seeing relationships created at a distance blossom into genuine affection and sharing. Her CCF ambition is to see all of CCF's children in such good relationships.

The holder of a Bachelor Degree of English, Saron also holds a Diploma in English from Pananasastra University of Cambodia and is in the second year of study for another Degree in International Relations at the same University. Hoping one day to be able to indulge her love of travel, her primary motivation now is to see all the CCF children whom she loves to have a great future of their own.

Sok Phearak, Sponsor Relations Manager

who-phearakSok Phearak joined CCF’s team in August 2011 in the position of Volunteer Coordinator where he was managing and recruiting international volunteers to work with CCF. After holding this position for more than one year, he was transferred to work as the email quality control supervisor in the sponsorship team. In 2014 he was promoted to the position of Sponsor Relations Manager where he manages our ever-growing team of Sponsor Relation Officers who ensure each and every sponsorship runs smoothly. His hard-working attitude and commitment to team work and excellence make him a vital leader within our sponsorship team.

Phearak has a strong education background with bachelor degrees in Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine from Royal University of Agriculture (on a full Cambodian government scholarship), Art in English from Phnom Penh International University and a Master’s degree in Development Management from Norton University. In his prior working experience, he has worked as a research assistant at Economic Institute of Cambodia and has more than 8 years of experience as a teacher of English throughout many private schools.

‘’I am proud of Scott and what he is doing to help Cambodian Children. I am very happy to be a part of CCF family.’’

Khoy Radeth, Vocational Supervisor

who-radethRadeth started his role as Vocational Training Supervisor on September 2008. He was born and raised in Phnom Penh. He is currently completing a Master of Arts Degree in Development Studies at the Royal University of Phnom Penh and previously graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Management from the National University of Management.

Before he joined CCF in the post of Vocational Training Supervisor, Radeth worked for a leading NGO as a Program Officer for nearly 4 years and with other private businesses for over 3 years. He has many skills and much experience gained through working with vulnerable people, counselling domestic violence victims and for people suffering from HIV/AIDs. He is also active in children's rights and protection issues and in community development.

Radeth hopes that all vulnerable children and young adults from the Steung Meanchey area and other rural areas in Cambodia can get access to a brighter future. He believes that CCF can extend its success to help many Cambodian people who come from poor, illiterate families with little hope of change.

Radeth likes to spend his free time getting together with friends or going to the beach in his vacation time.